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FIRST: Alexander

DOB: 02 jan 1975

WEIGHT:119 lbs
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Beyond having a very distinguishing appearance, Lex has a
tattoo of tribal butterfly wings on his back to represent metamorphoses.

WORK DETAIL: We all do our share.

INCARCERATED: 01-01-2010
RELEASE DATE: ??-??-20??
CHARGES: Gender Bending, Heroin Adoration, Pansexuality, Nonconformist, Excess of Glamour.

TRUNCATED REPORT: Patient exhibits an absolute refusal to show any signs of contrition. He frequently uses recreational drugs on the premises, engages in promiscuous sex with people not only of both genders but people of questionable gender at all, numerous attempts at forcing conformation and reintegration into society have failed miserably.

The truest part of the truncated report is that numerous attempts to integrate into society have failed Lex. He does not see his attraction to recreational drugs as an addiction. While society looks at him as an aberration, Lex has been this way on the inside since his youth. Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma hardly allowed for much freedom of expression however.

Some things can’t be suppressed though, so Lex would often come home black and blue from the bruises taken for putting on eyeliner or making a suggestive comment at one of the boys at school. His father gave him a second beating for deserving the first and then a third beating for losing the first fight. It did not break Lex’s spirit, but he did withdraw. His grades were terrible, despite intelligence, he was anti-social, and in general – voted most likely to come to school with a gun and shoot everyone.

Lex was just biding his time though. He knew he would leave as soon as he turned 18. He didn’t even wait until he graduated high school, figuring that was a detail he could see to later… or not. He left Oklahoma for Columbus, OH where he found it far easier to blend in. There was a community there that embraced his androgyny, shared make-up tips, and generally helped him learn how to be fabulous. They introduced him to a wide variety of recreational drugs and demonstrated that while it was nearly impossible for someone so fabulous to get an actual job – there was always someone willing to pay for sex in cash or drugs. Life is prostitution – why not be honest about it.

Unfortunately, the scene in Ohio was small and Lex circled through it within a few years. He started to hop from community to community. Columbus to Cincinnati to Cleveland – never spending more than a few years in each. A couple of years ago, he found himself in Pittsburgh, PA. He found squatting space with a few others in a closed down asylum. No rules, no rent, no responsibility… if it weirded tricks out to be taken to an old asylum… well the kind of tricks he attracted usually didn’t mind.

Though he has developed a hard and cynical exterior, Lex is actually quite sensitive. He believes in love – he just doesn’t believe it has gender. So many messages from his father combined with his own actions has Lex often wondering if he is worthy of love. He has long come to terms with his desires and his nature and finds no fault there. It is more a matter of cycling in and out of self-medicated depressive cycles, the occasional attempt to refrain from recreational drugs that always fails, reaching the ripe age of 37 without much change from where he was at 18 (something some would find quite a bit of pride in). While Lex is intelligent and loves to read, he has no math skills and little academic learning. He has no real skill beyond seduction and the use of his body – at least that is how he sees it. In truth, he is incredibly artistic. Lex paints, writes, and would make quite a make-up artist. He is sweet, gentle, and likes to take people under his wing – especially those in need – just as people took him under their wing and literally saved his life.


Lex has always had an androgynous look. He is only 5’6” and barely weighs in a buck-twenty. His hair is black, and while his father insisted on it being kept short, Lex keeps it almost shoulder length. His eyes are a unique shade between green and blue that can almost seem teal. They are quite striking with his fair olive skin and dark hair, brows, and lashes. Lex’ features are already slightly effeminate and that is enhanced by the use of eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and other make-up. His body is slender, his hips slip, his movements suggestive and sinuous. As soon as he found acceptance, Lex learned to put a great deal of care into how he presents himself. While his style is varied, he always has style.

Lex was born to Brian and Siobhan McTavish in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1975. While the town wasn’t a dust bowl, it was barely a town. Brian worked for the oil company and Siobhan stayed home like all proper wives did. While Lex had an older sister, she had run off with those damned hippies before he was born and Lex has never spoken to her. If she ever made amends with his parents, he was long gone and never knew. He was raised, for the most part, like an only child. His father was strict, and while his mother often did what she could to protect him, that just meant trouble for both of them. The beating was harder on Lex for being a mamma’s boy and Siobhan received verbal abuse for making their boy queer.

Foolishly, Lex thought it would be better as he got older. The world might be starting to change – styles, permissiveness, acceptance… but Ponca City was not the world. It was right in the center of the bible belt and Brian could care less if those freaks on the tv were wearing make-up, his boy wasn’t going to. His slight physical stature alone led to beatings. His unusual nature led to more beatings. Experimentation with eyeliner and lipgloss led to severe beatings. Lex knew – getting beat up at school meant getting beat up at home. If his father didn’t think he deserved the beating, he’d only take a beating for losing the fight – in order to teach him how to be a man. If his father thought he’d deserved the beating in the first place, then Lex took it twice. Once for punishment, then a second to teach him not to be such a loser.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Lex gave up – but Lex gave up. He stopped fighting with his father about his hair and kept it short. He stuck to jeans and black t-shirts, he dropped the make-up, he ditched a lot of class, and he withdrew into himself. It reduced his beatings from three to two – it was seldom his fault anymore. In truth, he was just biding his time – spending the time meant for classwork writing prose in his notebook and counting the days until his eighteenth birthday.
History Continued

On January 02, 1993, Lex left without a word. He didn’t need to pack anything but his backpack and his notebooks. He had no idea where he was going, but the money his grandmother sent him for his birthday could take him all the way to Columbus, OH via the Greyhound bus. He didn’t know anyone there, but he had heard that things were different there. At first, he just wandered around, looking for people like him. When he found them, he was terrified to approach. Sliding into a gas station bathroom, Lex tore the sleeves off of his t-shirt and put on some mascara and lipstick that he’d lifted from a Wal-Mart, and sauntered up.

Man did Lex get read. That old queen read him up one side and down the other, telling Lex just what a hot mess he was… before taking him into the back door of a club where he met a whole generation of people who had gone through just what he had. They had gathered from small towns and abusive families and formed their own families. He learned how to put on his make-up, finally got to grow his hair out, learned all about the value of being fabulous… and how to maintain a lifestyle when one could not get a job in a world that did not understand.

The only thing that Lex didn’t learn was how to like himself. He learned how to make it look like he did. Lex learned how to put on a good shell. But relationships and staying in one place for more than a few years became impossible. He was a nomad – drunk on immorality, valium and cherry wine. Coke and ecstasy, he was gonna blow his mind. After a very bad New Year’s Eve, Lex decided to take his leave of the Ohio. This time he used a dart and a map to find himself in Pittsburgh, PA. By now, he’d aged and knew the game.

Lex knew where to go and what to look for. He knew just where to linger if he needed a few dollars in his pocket. It wasn’t long before he fell in with a crowd. Only now he was one of the older generation helping kids who had run away from their own restrictive backgrounds. Though in truth, he thought the better half of them had no idea what restrictive was like. Still, he was always one to take someone under his wing. Lex had been crashing from place to place, staying mostly in a pretty run down condemned building when a fortuitous encounter keyed him into the old asylum. It suited his mood. It suited him. The next afternoon, Lex went to check it out. There were a few people there already and he picked out a room and made it home. It was like having his own little apartment – rent free. Besides, he’d already decided he was cray cray – where better to be?
History Concluded

It did not take long for Lex to realize that strange things happen at Marshalsea. On the up – he’s never been more creative in his life. On the downside – when he’s really high the voices drive him slightly mad. He could swear he’s seen a thing or two – but then again, he’s living in an old insane asylum. The mind can play some funny tricks on you, especially when you like to play tricks on your mind when turning tricks.

MARITAL STATUS:inconceivable
PARENTS: Hades & Persephone
SIBLINGS:Margaret  Poppy (never met her)
LIKES:Writing, Reading, Painting, Beauty, Boys, Girls, Freedom, Ecstasy, Poetry, Glitter, Glamour
DISLIKES:Violence, Conformity, Pot, Bigots, Loud People, Ugliness of Spirit, Poor Hygiene
MOVIES:Velvet Goldmine
TV:Ru Paul’s Drag Show, The Real L Word, Project Runway, The Real World, Absolutely Fabulous, Random Trash TV
MUSIC:Depeche Mode, The Cure, Placebo, Marilyn Manson, Mindless Self Indulgence, Cruxshadows, NIN, Skinny Puppy, Anything With the Right Sound to It…

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STYLE:Third Person Past Tense – (THREAD, AIM, GDOCS)
PB: Brian Molko
10 Things

Lex would love to find his sister.
While Lex claims he doesn’t believe in monogamy – it is just an excuse.
Lex dreams of getting his writing published but doesn’t have the courage to submit it.
He wakes screaming from nightmares of his father often.
The one thing that isn’t a front is Lex’ believe that love and desire have no gender.
His longest relationship was 1 year and it was very abusive.
As often as Lex says your only an addict if you go to meetings and its only a problem if you go to meetings - he knows he is a drug addict.
Knowing he is an addict does not make Lex want to change it.
Lex swears there are no such thing as spirits – and doesn’t believe a word of it.
Part of Lex thinks it is time to move on but something is keeping him at Marshalsea a bit longer.